Trekking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) !

#1. First Why should I go trekking in Nepal?

Out of 10 highest peak in the World, 8 lies in this small and beautiful country. Due to this reason, Nepal offer lots of trekking and mountain climbing opportunities.  Comparatively, Nepal is cheaper than other country. You can have trekking to the World Highest Peak base camp i.e. Everest Base Camp Trekking. In the same manner, there are other World famous Mountains as Mount Annapurna (Queen of Mountains), Manaslu, Machhaapuchre, Mount Kanchenjunga and many more.  These mountain will offer much chance to explore the hidden wilderness of the Himalayas. Trekking to Himalaya is something that you will never and ever get in any corner of the world.

#2. Is  Nepal Trekking difficult?

Definitely this is most difficult question to answer I think unless you are physically and mentally ready. This mean to say that trekking need physical strength also to trekking in the Land of Himalayas is matter challenging.  Most of the travel and trekking companies in Nepal has designed the trek so comfortable and best suited for your need and cost.

#3. How many hours do you have to walk per day?

As everybody knows that trekking need physical strength to walk the up and downs. Your walking per day differs as your trekking plan but usually you have to walk 6-7 hours per day.

#4. Do I need a guide, or can I go on my own?

Trekking with the experience and professional guide is beneficial. As the Guide knows everything about the trekking routes and places and probable problems that may arise during the trek. Thus, it is always best why you should hire a guide with you.

#5. Do I have to carry my own stuff?

If you  are planning your Trekking with trekking companies then they will manage a porter for you. If you go for ownself then you will have to carry yourself.

#6. Will trekking places be too cold?

The degree of coldness varies from place to place and depends on which trekking trip you choose. Similarly, This depends on where you go and in which season you are going. If you choose mountainous trekking trips as Everest Base camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek and alike many then there will be cold and have to take warm clothes with you.

#7. How much expensive is trekking in Nepal?

As you are planning to have Nepal Trekking then you have both opportunities for both luxury and budget travel. If you have limited money then you will enjoy trekking to thee fullest. Nepal is much more cheaper than trekking in other countries. But also Cost depends on which region you are thinking of trekking and what modes of transport you use. Everest Base Camp Trekking is bit costlier than other trekking packages. In general, we can say that Trekking in Nepal is much cheaper than in many other countries.

#8. When is the best seasons to have trekking in Nepal?

The best trekking season for the trekking in Nepal is Autumn (September-November).  As  during these months September, October and November you can see excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views. Temperature is moderate, making it a good time for any trekking. The sky is generally clear with outstanding views. So this season is best for trekking.

During Winter (December-February)- There will be higher snow fall in the higher elevations with risk winds and colder temperatures.

During Spring (March-May)- Spring season in Nepal is also best season to do the trekking and mountain climbing. As you can see varieties of wild flora blossoming of the giant rhododendrons above 3000m and provides spectacular and excellent mountains View.

During Summer (June-August)- During these months June, July and August months, there will be heavy rainfall which makes trekking conditions unfavorable.

These are Frequently asked questions about trekking in Nepal to remove your curiosity. Hope this will help you answer your questions about trekking in Nepal.