Mardi Himal Trekking FAQ

Mardi Himal Trekking is a newly opened trekking trail and you can do it for the very first time. Having adequate information on Mardi Himal will help you in preparations and formulate a strategy. Through this blog, we attempt to cover all tips for Mardi Himal trekking. Find answers to all FAQ about Mardi Himal Trek !!

How Much Does the Mardi Himal Trek Cost?

There are various ways to reach Mardi Himal Base Camp. The price will be higher if you fly to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Domestic flight (Ka Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu) is quite expensive in Nepal as compared to Europe or America. The price goes down if you take a Tourists Bus for Kathmandu – Pokhara -Kathmandu. In Mardi Himal trek foods are not expensive as Everest Base Camp trek or Kanchenjunga Trekking. If you are looking for the best price for this trek then never hesitate to visit Master Himalaya Treks.

How hard is Mardi Himal Trek? Do we need a physical train?

There has been a myth regarding Mardi Himal Trek as the difficult trekking. Mardi Himal Trek is just easy. If you have proper trekking equipment, a well-planned itinerary, proper logistic support, you will easily reach the Mardi Himal base Camp before you know it. Remember that acclimatization is the key factor but you are not going such a high trek. Even a beginner traveler has gone to Mardi Himal without any difficulty from our trekking agency. A total of 45km distance is covered with an average walking hour per day of 5 to 6 hours. There will be some steep ascend and descend through boulders and stone steps. Always travel light. We offer porter to carry your bag if you are in a family or a group (if you need them).

What is the reason to choose local agencies?

Well, Nepal is the landlocked country, the country of Himalaya and no one knows it better than the locals. Also, you would choose Nepali agents if you want to save extra bucks. You can save your money by almost half if you choose Nepali travel agency. Also the money you pay it directly goes to the local. Not only money it’s about your service, safety and your holiday which must be perfect. Our team serves guest as a god!

What is the altitude of Mardi Himal base Camp?

Mardi Himal Base camp is in 4500m from sea level but we are sleeping at High Camp, High Camp is 3900m from sea level.

What kind of weather is in Mardi Himal Trek?

In Mardi Himal Trekking temperature reaches up to 15-20 °Celsius (59-68 ° Fahrenheit) during a day, it can drop down to -5 ° Celsius (23 °Fahrenheit) during night. Spring season continues for March to June and is the best trekking season to visit Mardi Himal but people do it for all the time in a year. Monsoon continues from July to   Mid-September and is not highly recommended for the trek.  Autumn season continues from of September to November.

Can I Camp at Mardi Himal Trek?

Mardi Himal Trekking is a teahouse (lodge) trek, If you are interested in camping then we can offer you a tent, but you are going to have your dinner in the tea house. We will fix your tent just next to the tea house.

Can I Drink tap water during the trek?

We are not recommended you to drink tap water directly. You can use water purifying tablets, water filatures. Water are clean but you are not used to it. Water remains freezing at high altitude during cold season So, it is a nice idea to have a good water bottle.

Mountain Landscape in Himalaya. Piramid of stones. Annapurna South peak, Nepal, Mardi Himal track.

How dangerous is Mardi Himal Trekking?

Mardi Himal Trek is just the easy trek, Only one or two days you are going to walk in a jungle so always walk in a group. You might meet wild yak, leopard and some others wild animal. When you reached Mardi Himal base Camp just careful with the avalanche.

What are the Tips to prevent  High Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)?

Mardi Himal is not that high altitude trek. The golden tips to prevent high altitude sickness is not to stay overnight at an altitude more than 3500m from the altitude of the previous night. For extra safety, it is always better to take one acclimatization day after you conquer every 1000m.

Mountain Landscape in Himalaya. Piramid of stones. Annapurna South peak, Hiun Chuli, Nepal, Mardi Himal track.

Can I do Mardi Himal Trekking with Child?

Off-Course, Mardi Himal Trek is possible with a child as well. Many families have taken their child to Mardi Himal Base Camp. But you should be sure that your child can properly express himself in the case of high altitude sickness and other problems. If you take enough rest days, bringing your child to Annapurna/Mardi Himal is a fine idea as there are many things to explore and see including snow-clad mountains and the Himalayan wildlife.

Is there Electricity in Mardi Himal area?

Yes, there is electricity. You can charge the camera battery, phone at the lower places and at high Camp they have solar power. But they will charge a few bucks for charging a battery, wifi, hot shower, etc.

Is there internet access at Mardi Himal region?

Yes, you have internet access at Mardi Himal trek. Furthermore, you can also find 3G mobile phone coverage at Mardi Himal trail. So, you can now make video calls and you can also surf the internet on Ncell and NTC mobile phones.

How long does it take to complete Mardi Himal trekking?

It takes around 7 to 12 days in total.

Do I need the guide or can I do solo trekking?

Mardi Himal trek is newly opened trail and not many people doing this trek so we always recommend you to take at least a local guide and also a change in Nepal Government policy has made it compulsory that all trekkers must be accompanied by a guide for most of the trekking area.

What kind of trekking gear do I need for Mardi Himal Trek?

Trekking gears for Mardi Himal trekking.

What type of shape do I need to be in, is this trip for me?

Mardi Himal trek is suitable for any kind of person who is moderately fit, no previous experience is required. To condition, yourself for the trek, some physical fitness programs such as walking, running, swimming and hiking are recommended before you embark on your journey. Any person suffering from a pre-existing medical condition or diseases must seek medical advice before considering any trek.

Will somebody come to pick me up at the airport?

Yes, our company representative will be there to greet you. He will be displaying your name outside the airport terminal. You will be transferred to your hotel by our private vehicle.

What is the best season for this trekking?

Best season for trekking is usually March-April and October-November but Mardi Himal trek can be done in February, June, April, May, and December as well.

What is the weather & temperature like in trekking?

Weather in the mountains is very difficult to predict. At night it is generally cold and the days are generally warm. The temperature could be as high as 30 degree Celsius to minus 15 degree Celsius low.

What mode of transportation do you use?

Depending on the nature of travel we provide different vehicle service. we provide tourist vehicles for sightseeing, city tours, and airport pickups-drops. We provide tourist bus transfer service from Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu. We book a flight ticket through Simrik Air, Buddha Air, Yeti air for the flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and vice versa.

Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

There is landline telephone in some village along the trekking routes from which you can contact with your family and friends. Someplace there is also internet access which you can use by paying some charges. Also, you can buy a sim card for your cell phone by giving your Xerox copy of your passport and PP size photo.

Can I use credit cards in the places I visit in trekking?

In the cities, off course, yes but once you are outside of the cities, all you have to pay in cash. Also, you have exchanged the currency in Nepali rupees before you go outside the cities.

Can I charge my mobile, camera or other gadgets during my trekking?

Yes, charging facilities will be available in every guesthouse & lodges but sometimes there may be load shedding problem so it’s better to bring a power bank or spare batteries.

What sort of food can I expect in trekking?

There are many restaurants available in Kathmandu and Pokhara city where you can find any delight of your choice. But in trekking route most teahouses. On the menu, you may find noodles soup, steam mo: mo, daal bhat, green salad, finger chips, eggs, potatoes, fresh vegetables. You can get tea, coffee, hot lemon, hot chocolate. Everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner will be at a lodge.

I’m a vegetarian, is that a problem?

Lodges mostly serve vegetarian meals so there is no problem at all for vegetarian. Also, we always recommend our clients to eat vegetarian meals to avoid food poisoning. Non-veg meals at a high altitude are not safe for the stomach.

What opportunities will I have for shower along the trek?

Hot water in the bucket will be provided for the shower and you have to pay for hot water.

Do your guides have trekking guide certificate? Have they received first aid training for high altitude?

Yes, they have received training from NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management). They have also received high altitude first aid training from KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project).

Do I need to tip my guide and porters?

Actually tipping is not compulsory, but a small gesture of thanks to your guides and local porters. The level of the tip should reflect the level of satisfaction from and personal involvement with your guide.

I would like to extend my holiday, any recommendations?

Yes, there are plenty of options and choices to extend your holiday before or after your main trip. 

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