Muktinath yatra tour 2022

Muktinath Yatra or let’s say Muktinath Darshan tour package is one of the top-selling pilgrimage tour packages in the Himalayas of Nepal. The Muktinath temple lies at the elevation of 3,710m in Mustang region in Nepal. Manang and Mustang are the two districts located behind the Himalayan ranges in Nepal. Likewise, the Muktinath temple is around 25kms away from the district headquarters of lower Mustang in Jomsom. If you wish to join for Muktinath Yatra in 2020 Please contact us for the best services. we have special services for Muktinath yatra from India.

If you are planning for Muktinath yatra in 2022, then this article will be very helpful and informative. This article is the ultimate guide to Muktinath yatra in 2022. Here are the list of some informations you really need to consider for Muktinath yatra in 2022 in Nepal.

You might wonder;


Best time for Muktinath yatra every year is in the months like March, April, May, September, October, November and December. March, April and May are long gone. Hence, you can plan for Muktinath tour in the Month of September, October and November. October and November, these two months will be best both naturally and culturally. Flowers will be blooming and Nepalese will be observing the biggest Festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Cheers, its festive season in Nepal.

Muktinath weather in September, October is really among the best however, in the month of November and December it’s winter in Nepal still Muktinath Yatra can be done easily in these two months as well. Muktinath temple lies just at elevation of 3,710m in lower Mustang. Hence, winter is not much of the problem.


There are several ways to reach Muktinath. One can choose either of these alternatives. You can reach Muktinath by Flight, By road or by trekking.

The alternatives to choose can sometimes depend on the months in which you’ll be going for the Muktinath yatra in 2020. The two months best for trekking are already over. Still, you can visit Muktinath by trekking in the month of September and October. At the beginning of November, trekking is still a way however, at the end of November, the winter begins. Hence, During the end of November and the whole of December choosing trekking as the way to reach Muktinath is not a good idea.

Besides the monsoon, all other seasons are good for Muktinath Yatra by Flight. Almost in all seasons except monsoon sky is clear however, mother nature can sometimes surprise us with the clouds as well. Hence, you can visit Muktinath by helicopter at any month.

When it comes to Muktinath yatra in 2019 by road, Nepal government is currently planning to upgrade the road from Beni to Jomsom. The road from Jomsom to Muktinath is already black topped. Likewise, the road from Pokhara to Beni is undergoing maintenance in different places. On the month of September, the road from Beni to Jomsom will be under maintenance to clear landslides during Monsoon. Soon after september, the road will be on the process of upgrade hence, you might have to face some traffic during your Muktinath yatra by road in 2020. still you are good to go. If you want Muktinath yatra with no pain you can go with Muktinath Helicopter tour package.

Muktinath yatra tour