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Looking for off-beaten trail in the isolated land of Nepal, is all listed in Remote Trek. Mostly these region are listed in the Restricted Area, strictly controlled to enter by the Government of Nepal due to the places being environmentally, culturally and politically very sensitive. In October 1991 the Home Ministry finally announced the opening of Nepal's restricted remote areas. The catch was only group tours and high permit fees, ranging from US$90 to US$500 per week. Taking special permit from Government allow to enter such places and “Liaison Officer” will be send by the government to make sure everything is in right track. The main objective of declaring these areas ' restricted' are supposed to protect the fragile environment and cultural integrity of these regions, and to provide security both for the safety of trekkers and the protection of Nepal's northern border with Tibet.

There are many reasons why the restricted areas exist. In most cases, it is a hangover from a time when the border with China was more sensitive than it is now. Environmental groups, particularly the Nepal Nature Conservation Society, are pressuring the government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation. Because trekkers require assistance when something goes wrong (accident, illness or theft), the government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could provide the security that trekkers need. There are also political reasons for some restrictions.

Officially, no longer any destinations of Nepal are restricted however, required the special permit to enter to those areas, which were previously restricted to entered by foreigner. Inflow of International tourist in these region are highly regulated however, trekking permit is provided just for limited in a year. Hence, we suggest to book a trip from the recognized company letting you to save money and time as well. The remote and restricted destination are Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Manalsu, Tsum Valley, Kanchanjunga, and Makalu. These places have the amazing lifestyle, ethnic culture, scenic landscape and Himalayas. 

Our remote treks provide you the fabulous mountain scenery, ranged from the high-altitude Trans- Himalayan deserts of Mustang and upper Dolpo to the deep jungle gorges of Manaslu to Kanchanjunga. This treks are certainly pricier than the main teahouse treks and demand a different style of trekking, but the extra effort and expense is really worthy. These remote corners hide some of most remarkable gems in the entire Himalaya.

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